1770 Methodist Rev. George Whitefield Betts 525 medallion

1770 Methodist Rev. George Whitefield Betts 525 medallion

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1770 Methodist George Whitefield Betts 525 medallion

36 mm. By Thomas Holloway

Obverse: bust of Whitefield, nearly full-face, wearing a wig along with the bands and robes of an Anglican clergyman.

Reverse: a tablet at center, with the text, "TO THE MEMORY OF THE REV: GEO; WHITEFIELD A.M. WHO, WITH UNRELUCTANT GRANDEUR GAVE, NOT YIELDED UP, HIS SOUL SUBLIME. AT NEWBURY P.N. AMERICA. 2. 30. 1770 IN THE 56 YEAR OF HIS AGE. HIS CONDUCT IS A LEGACY FOR ALL. Surrounding the tablet are a number of decorative emblems.

Whitefield was a founder of Methodism, preaching to thousands throughout the American colonies beginning in 1738, established the Bethesda Orphanage near Savannah, Georgia, and was among Benjamin Franklin's friends.

We note the last example of this medal to sell, in VF condition, was at HA for over $3000 inc fees

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