Historical Medallions

Historical Medallions

Historical medallions have often been underappreciated compared of coins when it comes to numismatics; in recent years though, they are finally gaining some of the recognition they deserve. 

Usually struck in comparitively tiny numbers, these medallic works of art range from the eye catching to the sublime, covering a vast swathe of history that can provide a real treasure trove of avenues for the collector. 

What ever your collection interests, there is almost certainly some historical medallions that will be of interest for you. We have had many 1000's of medallions over the years (everything in the picture above for example, is currently or has been recently for sale), and will aim to add as diverse a range as possible for sale in these pages.

We are always keen to hear from collectors, dealers and enthusiasts of medallions so if you have any requests or questions at all, we would be delighted to hear from you. 


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