Sell coins to Kingston Coin Company

We get a lot of calls regarding modern coins from change (UK coins dated 1969 - now). This form of collecting can be a fun and easily accessable way to enter the hobby, but unfortuantely there is a huge amount of misinformation about them online. 

Unfortunately we do not value or purchase these kind of coins (except proof sets and mint sealed packs)

If you are selling loose coins from change (£2/50p etc) you can check your coins in the following ways (NO need to email or call):

 - Look at some sites set up specifically for these kind of coins, such as change checker and coin hunter

 - Ignore much of the information you find in online marketplaces and social media regarding 50 pence / £2/ 2p etc - it is nearly all massively overhyped prices or incorrect information

To answer some of the most commonly asked questions:

 - 2 pence coins dated 1982 or earlier were made with the words 'New pence'. This is normal and not an error

 - The vast majority of coins you will find in your change do not carry a collector value. A few rare exceptions include some of 2011 50 pence coins and the 2009 'Kew Gardens' coin. 

 - Few coin dealers will be particully interested in buying these coins loose from circulation. There are a number of collector communities online with an interest in trading and selling these coins