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Phone/ Message / WhatsApp: 02080792823

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Postal Address:                                 

Suite 140 Pegaxis House     

61 Victoria Road                   


KT6 4JX        

Meeting address (appointment only):

The Smith

 145 London Road 


 KT2 6SR

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.     Do You buy Coins and medallions?

Yes! We are active buyers of all numismatic material and try to keep a varied selection of items available for purchase. Please get in touch, we can arrange to come out to you to assess your items in person, via email, phone or you can bring your items over to us (by prior arrangement)

 Q.    How do I get the most for my coins?

We are completely transparent about your options - we know that selling to us is not your only option. If we think you would be much better off selling your particular items elsewhere or in a specialist auction we will tell you - as simple as that. In most cases however, we can offer you the most cost effective way to maximise the return on your coins with minimum effort from you. High fees at auction (Sellers commission is usually between 5 - 20%+VAT, and buyers 20 - 25% +VAT - so the spread between what a buyer pays and what a seller gets can be as much as around 50%!) mean you will nearly always end up with more money in your pocket selling directly to us rather than via auction. 

Q.     Do you have a physical shop as well as an online store?


We have an office for meetings and valuations and stock viewings in Kingston (by appointment only). We dont have a traditional shop unfortunately.

Q.  Do you do valuations?

Certainly, valuations and informal advice are free of charge and without commitment

Q.  Do you deal in 50 pences and other modern decimal coins?

Modern coins from loose change in circulation are the only coins we do not buy. All other modern issues 50p/£2 etc including year sets, proof sets and silver and gold sets are all of interest and we would be happy to purchase.