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We are interested in buying all types of vintage coins, from a large organised collection put together over a lifetime, to to a small accumulation in the back of the cupboard of coinage you are looking to dispose of and everything inbetween. 

We buy British and world coins of all periods, from ancient through medieval hammered and early milled all the way to modern proofs.

To some, collecting coinage belongs to a bygone age. In fact, trading in currency, often minted in gold, silver or copper, offer a huge variety of possibilities in the digital age and the market is booming.

As a result, to offer for sale antique coins, even in relitively small numbers, can often yeald great results.

Historical Medallions

We are always keen to buy individual examples or collections of Historical medallions when advertised for sale. These pieces were created from the Renaissance onwards, starting in Italy and spreading all over Europe and the western world. Usually larger than coins, these pieces are often intricately detailed pieces of art, rather than a means of exchange. They are a fascinating niche of numismatics

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In the past, stamp collecting often went hand-in-hand with coin collectors. As a result, when people come in sell their coin collection, they often ask if we can deal with some stamps as well. This has happened so often in fact, we now also buy and evaluate some stamp collections. Please click here for more info